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Toledo Street's Newspaper features the Kuya Kano story.

Toledo Street's Newspaper features the Kuya Kano story.

What's Ahead for Kuya Kano in 2018:

As you may have heard, production for Kuya Kano's third album, "No Compass" is scheduled to release in early Summer 2018.  You might even get to hear a sneak peak of some of the songs if you catch him performing this Spring/Summer season.
The secret behind the title "No Compass"
As many of you may know, Kuya Kano has been traveling for many years, performing in Europe, the Caribbean, United States, Central America and even SouthEast Asia.  "No Compass" as a musical reflection of those years of traveling, means Kuya Kano is leaving those compass guided years behind, and now resides permanently in the Philippines.  Having finally found a place that his heart calls home, Kuya Kano now resides in Puerto Princesa, Palawan where He now performs regularly at local venues.  He also visits Metro Manila often where from time to time you may see him performing at some of his favorite Latino and Mediterranean venues as well.

Also with the new album in 2018 Kuya Kano will be producing several music videos, as well as a video documentary about the Kuya Kano story;  How a young boy from a midwest farm traveled around the world, and wrote songs from the places that inspired the music.

The Kuya Kano Story aired on "The Business Side of Music" 

It is a GREAT HONOR to be given the invitation to share the microphone with Tom Sabella and Traci Snowe, who have offered me to tell "The Kuya Kano Story" on The Business Side of Music podcast.  The Business Side of Music is a weekly recording for musicians who are serious about their career in the music industry.  It has been one of the cornerstones that helped Happy and I get our music business going, and growing.  Check out their website, the podcasts are FREE, and an essential listen for any hard working musician.
Keep watching, we'll announce when our interview will be broadcasted.

Kuya Kano partners with Call To Rescue 

$605.34 RAISED!!!
I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for the TIPS, CD purchases and Performance bookings. You have helped raise a total of $605.34 that will be used directly to provide the living expenses for a safe-house built to rescue and rebuild the torn lives of sex trafficking. 

We are proud to be partnering with Call To Rescue .  Feel free to click on their link to find out more information on how they have become a heroic force in the lives of many.

Thank you so very much for your support and we hope you enjoyed the music.

"No Compass" 

Continuing the musical journey of Kuya Kano, songs are currently being developed for his third album scheduled for release in Summer, 2015. The title "No Compass" is a reflection of his years of 'wayward' travel on boats to various countries. As with "Imagine the Life" and "Places I Dream Of", many of the songs being developed for this album carry the same inspiration of the places the songs first took to music, and the people who created such memories. If you catch Kuya Kano performing in the next few months, you might get a sneak peek at the music before it is released.

Making a Splash in the Philippines 

As many of you know, "Kuya Kano" means "Big Brother From America" in the Tagalog (Philippine) language.  Last Winter/Spring, Kuya Kano returned to the Philippines, where he made several appearances and performances, including the nation's #1 TV show, "Eat Bulaga".  Kuya Kano was featured on the Ryzza Mae show as a "Surprise Guest" where he was interviewed by the popular show host, Ryzza Mae Dizon.  Performances were of course, also scheduled both in the Metro Manila area, and in Puerto Princesssa, Palawan during his visit to the Philippines.
During that visit, the response to Kuya Kano's music was greater than anticipated.  All CDs, T-shirts and stickers were all sold out within two weeks of his performance schedule.  
In the Fall/Winter season of 2013, Kuya Kano announced that all tips, CD and merchandise sales were being donated to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.  While in the Philippines, Kuya Kano personally delivered the relief supplies and money to donate to those who lost everything in the worst recorded typhoon in history.  It was amazing to see how the people of the Philippines unite together along with world organizations to help rebuild lives and homes.
Kuya Kano is now back in the U.S. performing, however already is already scheduling more performances for the Philippines for November, December and January 2014-2015.

Kuya Kano Makes Headlines

Kuya Kano Favorites

Favorite Food:    
Pork Adobo  (Philippine food)

Favorite Drink:   Tanduay Rhum and Pineapple Juice
Favorite Hobby: Hiking/Camping 
Favorite Sport:   Hockey
Favorite Movie:  
P.S. I Love You

Favorite TV Show:        
Eat Bulaga

Favorite Color:  
Favorite Artists:
Gipsy Kings, Latcho & Andrea, Pink Martini, Armik, Ottmar Liebert
Favorite Song:   Bambaleo, by the Gipsy Kings
Favorite Travel:  Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, & The Philippines


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